WQZM series lighting busbar

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WQZM series lighting busbar
      Product introduction
      WQ/ZM series lighting busbar is a new product developed independently by our company on the basis of the advanced technology of similar products abroad and according to the specific conditions of     our country.
      The successful development of WQ/ZM series lighting busbar is a major technological breakthrough in the lighting and distribution system of China's construction industry, providing users with a brand new power supply lighting system. It has the advantages of quick installation, safe and beautiful, flexible use, reliable power supply and so on.
      Suitable locations: indoor parking, supermarkets, shopping malls, exhibition halls, stadiums, libraries, hospitals, stations, wharfs, airports, modern office buildings, tunnels, industrial buildings and other industrial and public open rooms.
      Product features
      Convenient installation, do not need no special requirements on the structure of embedded parts;
      It is suitable for all kinds of lamps and lanterns, and the position of lamps and lanterns can be arranged at any time as needed.
      The lamp is directly hoisted under the busbar trough, and it is firm and reliable.
      A branch connection plug can be supplied to the lighting of an illuminated bus slot, and the branch lighting can be installed vertically or at any angle.
      Can be installed along the room wall, do not destroy wall wall structure, do not affect the wall decoration effect;
      The dismantling is convenient, saving time, time and time, can be repeatedly installed and used, easy to repair, and economical and practical.
      Main body of illuminated bus grooves
      1, the straight shell is made by hot dip galvanized steel at once. It becomes the skeleton of illumination bus bar. The surface is coated with silver white and high corrosion resistant VCI bimetal composite coating. Its corrosion resistance is 5 times than that of hot-dip galvanizing. The shell has the function of the grounding protection conductor PE line.
      2. Three phase or single-phase insulated conductors are built in.
      3, one meter distance one meter branch connection socket (standard type) is not standard according to the user's request.
      The main specifications of the illuminated bus grooves: 16A, 25A, 40A, 63A, 80A. WQ/ZM-16, WQ/ZM-25, WQ/ZM-40, WQ/ZM-63, WQ/ZM-80 make up the main body of the illuminating bus. For power supply, support and power supply to lighting lamps and socket boxes. Two kinds of insulated conductors are three phase or single phase. The standard length is 1M, 2M, 3M, and the non - standard length can be made according to the user's request.
      Environmental conditions for the use of products
      1, the ambient air temperature is not higher than 40 C, and the average temperature measured in 24 hours is not higher than 35, and the ambient air temperature is lower than -25 C.
      2, altitude: the altitude of the installation site is not more than 2000 meters.
      3, pollution level: no more than 2 levels in GB/T1408.1.
      4, atmospheric conditions: the air is clean, its relative humidity is not more than 50% at the high temperature of 40 C, and is allowed to have higher relative humidity at a lower temperature. For example, at 20 centigrade, 90%. Attention should be paid to the condensation of accidental condensation due to temperature change.
      Note: WQ/ZM series of illuminated bus grooves can not be installed in the open air, can not be exposed to the sun and rain, and can not be used in a place with serious acid and other corrosive gases.

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