WQYTC3 small capacity bus duct

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WQYTC3 small capacity bus duct
        WQYTC3-T series of low carbon economy type small capacity bus groove advantages:
        1. Innovative design of special insulation structure, high safety and reliability.
        2, large flow, low magnetic, low resistance.
        3. The joints are connected without cross section loss.
        4, the shell is not bolt tightly connected, and the sealing performance is good.
        5, the newly designed conductive socket and insulation components fed by the feed and plug-in boxes and insulation components have high accuracy and good sealing performance to achieve waterproof and dust-proof.
        6, the overall protection level of the busbar slot IP66.
        7, light weight, small volume, easy to install.
        8. The product has a high cost performance.
        Brief introduction of WQYTC3-T series low carbon economy type small capacity busbar groove:
        WQYTC3-T series of low carbon economy type small capacity busbar is a new technical achievement of our company through many years of research and independent innovation.
        The existing insulated busbar and air insulated busbar, which are used in the past, are only suitable for the use of large capacity bus lines above 630A because of the limitation of their design structure the intensive busbar and the air type busbar are composed of conductive row, insulation film, insulation bracket, shell and connecting bolts. The conductive rows are vertically placed and arranged in parallel. The intensive type of insulation is made by wrapping and winding insulating film on the conductive line, which makes the row and the row plane closely contacted. The air type uses the insulation fixed bracket to separate the air insulation between the conductive row and the conductive row. With the above structure, the low capacity power and lighting bus line below 500A have the following drawbacks:
        1. Due to the similar electric and discharge plane, the electromagnetic induction area is large, and the inductance and electromagnetic effect caused by the inductance and the impedance are large, and the reactive power loss is high.
        2, Due to the design of the branch line, the thickness of the conductive row is restricted, while the area is fixed while the surface area is fixed. The surface area of the conductor can not be increased arbitrarily, which limits the utilization of the current skin effect.
        3, The dense and air type busbar is mainly suitable for large capacity lines. When the same structure is used for small capacity lines, the joints need to give up the space due to bolted connection, resulting in the overall conductor section waste. Large volume, complicated structure, inconvenient assembly, product material cost per meter per ampere, per ampere per meter of artificial high cost;
        4, The price ratio is lower than the cable, and there is no market competitive advantage.
        The WQYTC3-T series of low carbon economic type busbar groove is an innovative structure of insulation separation type. The busbar slot consists of an insulated compartment, a conductive row, an insulating block, and a metal shell.
        The metal shell is processed by special technology. It uses no bolt connection, and encapsulates the insulator and the conductive row inside the whole busbar to form a whole. The shell of the busbar can be used as a safe grounding conductor.
        The connection between the joints adopts the method of riveting to make the connection of the conductor reach the non - section loss.
        According to the distribution of busbar branch need to set the lead exports, in order to make the feed leads and conductive socket plug-in insulation components and plug box and insulating components to achieve high precision, waterproof and dustproof sealing performance with our company, break the inherent thinking, the above components innovate boldly, finally broke through the technical bottleneck of small bus interface with the plug, the socket and plug box electrical connection reliability and waterproof and dustproof sealing, the overall level of protection of IP66 bus.
        WQYTC3-T series of low carbon economy type small capacity bus slot products successfully come out, fill the blank of high performance and small capacity busbar, especially suitable for outdoor and indoor lighting and small power plants and high-rise building distribution, provides space and technical support for the selection of users and designers of small capacity power supply line system the. The product is low impedance, low magnetic, and has high waterproof and dustproof protection level, high cost performance. It is an ideal product to replace small capacity intensive, air type busbar and cable.

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