QGQJ series of energy-saving corrosion-resistant steel cable

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QGQJ series of energy-saving corrosion-resistant steel cable tray
     The energy-saving and corrosion-resistant steel cable tray (hereinafter referred to as energy-saving cable tray) is a new generation of high-tech product independently researched and developed by Jiangsu Wanqi Electric Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhenjiang Wanqi Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.). The product, with such characteristics as high-strength structure, corrosion resistance, high efficiency and energy saving, has won 13 patent certificates of invention, utility model and design from the State Intellectual Property Office, obtained the identification of scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu Province, and won the title of high-tech product in Jiangsu Province, was listed as the provincial torch plan, obtained the certification of the CQC energy-saving cable tray, was evaluated the national key new product. The product has high economic and social benefits since its technology is advanced , quality is reliable and stability after years of practice.
Creating a new standard for cable trays
     In order to cope with global climate change, reduce carbon emissions, and strive to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and vigorously promote the technology and product application of the energy-saving and corrosion-resistant steel cable tray, speed up the upgrading of products, our company is responsible for drafting the national standard of “Energy-saving Corrosion-resistant Steel Cable Tray” , which makes GB / T 23639-2017 standard more perfect, the revised standard has improved the standards of the material selection and of corrosion resistance, the hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel materials shall be used as for material selection and the inorganic metal coating and organic coating are distinguished as for the anti-corrosion. The implementation of the national standard has provided a standard basis for the production, inspection, design selection, installation of the energy-saving tray.
Efficient cooling and energy-saving  
     The use of corrugated structure, not only has improved the structure strength of the product, but also greatly increased the cooling surface of the cable tray, the cooling holes in the base plate and the covering plate will form exchange of hot air and cold air up and down. The heat generated by the power cable shall be fully distributed, which will improve the laying of the cable environment, thereby reduce the power line resistance and loss, and will improve the energy efficiency so as to achieve energy saving effect.
Corrosion-resistance, environment-friendly, once and for all
     The energy-saving cable tray shall select stainless steel, which makes the product unparalleled in the corrosion resistance, service life and cost-effective. The high corrosion-resistant VCI bimetallic inorganic coating technology used in the cable tray surface treatment, which greatly improves its corrosion resistance ,and makes it achieve long-term anti-corrosion effect. The cable tray has been inspected by Guangzhou Weikai Inspection Technology Co., Ltd, a national testing agency internationally authorized for 5000h salt spray test, no corrosion phenomenon occurs. Which can make up the defects of the hot dip galvanized inorganic coating with insufficient corrosion resistance and greatly prolongs the service life of the cable tray. The comparative test data show that the corrosion resistance of the coating is more than 50 times that of hot dip galvanization. The new national standard GB / T 23639-2017 “Energy-saving Corrosion-resistant Steel Cable tray” once again improved the performance of high corrosion-resistant VCI bimetallic inorganic coating corrosion resistance, but also raised the requirements of the standards of the organic coating acidity soaking tests of the spray coating and so on.
Excellent quality and value, ideal choice for users
     The energy-saving and corrosion-resistant steel cable tray improves the  market competitiveness with science and technology in meeting the function, increasing the product performance, which will save the user's operating costs. Our company, according to the needs of different projects, shall further deepen the design by cooperating with the design institutes and the users to save investment costs with scientific , rational and optimized technical solutions for the project. Our company has designed  a number of projects, the technical strength has been recognized by many users, especially the secondary deepening of the design of stainless steel cable trays in the project of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge ,and the production quality and the supply have been well received by the engineering experts.

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