Wanqi Group, with Jiangsu Wanqi Electric Equipment Group Co., Ltd (former Zhenjiang Wanqi Electric Equipment Co., Ltd) as the parent corporation has four sub-companies. The parent company was founded in 1992,and the four sub-companies are:  Zhenjiang Wanqi Electric Science and Technology Co., Ltd, a joint venture with American Soft Technical International Company, Jiangsu Wanqi Science and Technology Co., Ltd, which has a cable tray production base worth more than 100 million in Xuyi Couty, Zhenjiang Wanqi Yintong Busbar Co., Ltd ,which  is devoted to researching and developing and manufacturing all kinds of bus-ways, and Yangzhong Wanhui Metal Materials Co., Ltd ,which is specialized in logistic business. The group , with a staff of more than 460 including more than 150 engineering technicians, occupies an area of 136 thousand square meters including a building area of  35.5 thousand square meters. The company , with registered capital of 100 million yuan, the total assets of more than 300 million yuan, has 28 marketing offices, which can provide customers with a perfect service system.
         Our group is a technology growth enterprises combined researching, developing and manufacturing in this district. Its main products are: QGQJ series of energy-saving anti-corrosive cable trays, XQJ series of cable trays,  WQ/GBQJ series of high-strength fiber-glass cable trays, HFB fire-retardant cable trays; WQYTC2 series of copper conductors, high-efficient compact energy-saving copper-aluminum complex conductor heat radiation bus-ways, WQYTC3 series of small volume low-carbon economical bus-ways;  WQNHC series of fire-retardant buses and  WQ/ZM series of lighting buses, FMNS LV withdrawable switchgears, GGD AC LV distribution cabinets and so on.
         The cable trays and bus-ways researched and produced by our company have 46 national patents, among them there are 14 inventory patents. The energy-saving anti-corrosive steel cable tray has gained the certificate of “National Key Product” and awarded as provincial outstanding patent. Three products have obtained provincial and municipal new products and technological achievements identifications one by one , the VCI surface treatment of cable trays, filled the domestic blanks, has reached the international advanced level, three products have obtained provincial and municipal Hi-tech products and awarded Science and Technology Progress of Jiangsu Province for 2 times. The energy-saving bus-way ,which has been listed into National Torch Program , has reached the international level. The enterprise have obtained such honors as “ Provincial   Quality Credit Products”, “Provincial Quality Credit Enterprise”, “ Provincial Hi-tech Enterprise”, “Provincial Private-owned Science and Technology Enterprise”, “ Provincial Famous Trademark” and so on.
         The GB/T23639-2017 “ Energy-saving and Anti-corrosive Steel Cable Tray” compiled by our company , has promoted the technical requirements and quality standard of the product , has promoted the transformation of cable trays  from extensive to low-carbon intensive economy , has speeded up the elimination of backward production capacity, and promoted the upgrading of products and provided a strong technical support for the majority of users.
“Constantly striving, seeking innovation, encourage and motivated, dare to be the first” is the enterprise’s  sprit, “breaking through tradition, bold in exploring, leading the industry, standing proudly in markets” is the developing idea of our group.
         The Group is the supplier of Huawei, and the network suppliers of China Petroleum, Sinopec, China Railway, China Construction, China Metallurgical, such as the, the  products sell well all over the country, and have been used in thousands of products such as the BMW, BYD, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and so on ,the quality and service have been praised by all customers. Such customers as  Indonesia Jambi Power Plant, Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel Plant, Thailand Oriental Sugar Plant and so on highly praised the innovation , quality and reliability of the product, the products of Wanqi have been renowned at home and abroad.
         The Group, with a strong technical force, advanced production technology, perfect quality system, good quality personnel, scientific management system, excellent after-sales service, has a strong scientific and technological product development and integrated production capacity, we will provide you with quality products and excellent service, and will work together to create a better future.

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